Increased the recruitment rates

GenX Infomedia provides newsworthy media content for various media houses and media networks. European Union (EU) is stressing on nursing education, recently they declared that some changes will be brought about to Directive 2005/36/EC to give it a modern outlook. The demand is so high that the Hungarian government has even decided to reduce the minimum limit of classroom education for their candidates to 10 from 12. With the present times of economic growth, health sector has been recognised as a key player. So increased education requirement is a wise decision on the part of EU. These will test the maturity of brain.

EU has also decided to China Pipe Fittings Suppliers review the wage levels of CNA in various parts ofEurope. If the society is made healthier, then it would lead to enhanced productivity and an increase in labour. But the German health officials strongly oppose the thought of EU. But the EFN Evidence Report 2011 has proved that increase in the entry level requirement has increased the recruitment rates and better patient satisfaction. There has been a raging controversy throughout the globe regarding low pays that CNAs have to settle with. Now, the EU wants to erase this discontent. High standards of healthcare will empower society to cope up with the challenges of ageing population.

EU has strongly recommended that the education level should 10-12. As a matter of fact it is very important that the care givers have a matured mindset. There are critical decisions a CNA has to take on any given day.

EU authorities feel only highly educated nurses can support the changing healthcare needs of the society. Nurses are in high demand in every EU nation. Nursing has been a burning topic for EU in lieu of the rising need for the professionals. To enforce their bid EU, along with WHO and DG Sanco, is looking to deploy highly educated workforce of nurses. People can move from traditional hospitals to nursing care in usual community settings if the nursing education is strengthened.

They feel the increase in educational requirements will only lead to increase of shortage in nursing staff.

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